Courage or Comfort?

Courage or Comfort?  Which do you choose?

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both!
Courage or Comfort?  Which do you choose? You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both! | Tel: 256.345.3993

Having courage brings out all the emotions within you and there are a lot of things we do that require courage.  Starting a new business really requires an extreme amount of courage, especially during a down economy.  Even if the economy is great, there is so much competition out there that it takes a huge amount of courage, tenacity, work, not to mention money/capital to invest and stay afloat until you begin to make a profit.

It's much easier to stay in the comfort zone

It's much easier to stay in the comforts of working a job instead of owning a business.  Working a job affords the comfort of knowing you'll have a regular paycheck instead of knowing you are responsible for the paychecks of others.

Courage or Comfort

What about cold calls?  What about a sales presentation to a potential new client?  It takes courage to show up, make the presentation to either get a rejection (no) or acceptance (yes) for new business or new sale.  If we choose comfort, we don't go out to talk with people and we don't make a sale or we choose courage to go out there and make our presentations to make the sales for those who need our products and services.

Many aspects require courage

There are many other aspects of our lives that require courage rather than hanging back on our laurels in the comfort of where we are.  What about making new friends?  What about moving to a new community?  What about going to a new church?  What about getting married?  Will the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with be the person you really think they are and will you be the spouse you think you will be?  What about just getting in the car and driving on the highway?  That, today, takes a bit of courage since there are so many "Sunday" drivers out there.

What about having a different opinion

What about having an opinion on something and verbalizing it publicly?  WOW, that REALLY takes courage these days, because if you don't agree with someone, you could lose your job, your livelihood, your friends or even be silenced on social media!  But, don't we need to take a stand, sometimes?  We don't have to agree with everything that is said or done, nor do others have to agree with everything we say or do, but we all have a choice whether to have courage or choose comfort in any situation that we may find ourselves in...and no matter what, we all need to live together in harmony and lift each other up.  As said many times, together each achieves more!  Another thing, our world would be a better place if we could be a little kinder to each other.

There are times when comfort is appropriate

There are times when comfort is appropriate over courage.  Sometimes, we need to retreat, regroup, plan, strategize and yes, rest!  Give our minds and our beings time to prepare for the next time we need a big ounce of courage.  There's nothing wrong with that.  We can all be more effective when we take the time to retreat - recharge - rest.  If not, we will quickly become stale and ineffective, but then, we need to get back up by our bootstraps and get it done!

What will you choose

I can think of a huge number of reasons that I need courage, but they're too many to list right here so, to recap, we could all stay home and do nothing, be nothing, say nothing and be comfortable or we could have courage to do the right thing, no matter what it is or jump into whatever task it may be!  So what's it going to be for you?

Courage or Comfort?

I challenge you to have the courage to go out there, make it happen and I wish you much success in all that you do!

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About the author: Dona Bonnett is the owner of adr Business & Marketing Strategies and provides web design and other small business services to help companies communicate their message. To learn more, contact Dona at 256.345.3993.

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