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Thursday night, October 22, 2105, Leadership St. Clair County hosted its’ first Alumni Event at Judge Alan Furr’s hanger at the Pell City Airport and his band, the Wingnuts, provided the entertainment.

This event was actually our class project from last year’s Leadership St. Clair County group and Blair Goodgame, our Event Chair, and event volunteers did a fabulous job!

Please take a look at the promo video explaining more about what Leadership St. Clair County is all about.

Here’s a video slideshow that we put together with photos from this and previous years of Leadership St. Clair County.

Photos and video clips are from multiple sources including Leadership St. Clair County, Dona Bonnett, Jeff Thompson and Blair Goodgame.

Judge Alan Furr and the Wingnut performed:

Here is a link to photos taken at the Leadership St. Clair County Alumni event:


Leadership St. Clair County Education Day 2015 was also on Thursday. This day’s tour included Pell City High School’s ROTC presentation, Archery Demonstration, tour of CEPA, stopped in at Victory Christian School, Debbie Landry spoke on the Homeschool program, had an awesome lunch in the St. Clair County Culinary Kitchen provided by the culinary students, toured Eden Career Center and more.

Here is a link to the photos taken during Education Day 2015:


For more information about Leadership St. Clair County, please call the St. Clair Economic Development Council at 205.814.1440.

As many of you know, I had the opportunity to participate with Leadership St. Clair County last year and am thrilled to continue my involvement with this worthwhile program this year on the Board of Directors.


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